Winter to Summer, and new digs

So it’s been a while; about a year, I guess, but things keep rolling along. With seemingly no real spring to speak of, we seem to be entering right into summer after a late, cold winter. Much of the first half of May was mid to upper 80s, and more of that for the last week of May. Looks like we have 90F for Wednesday.

A great new greenhouse (24×32) was erected last May/June time frame. It was somewhat of a challenge since many plants were already in place when we got approval to build it, and as a result some stuff got trampled during construction. But in the end it was a huge success and it fared the winter quite well; and plenty of produce to show for it. This will be a short post just showing the structure overall and last year’s harvest numbers.

New greenhouse from inside.

New greenhouse from inside.

The new greenhouse

The new greenhouse

The harvest last year was as follows:

Mesclun – 23.2 lbs

Lettuce (head) – 213.7 lbs

Carrots – 46.2 lbs

Cauliflower – 42.5 lbs

Broccoli – 48.5 lbs

Potato – 83.5 lbs

Onion – 22.2 lbs

Shallot – 3.7 lbs

Scallion – 8 bunches

Garlic – 3.5 lbs

Lower poly panels to keep critters out and protection from winds

Lower poly panels to keep critters out and protection from winds

Tomato (slicing) – 131.7 lbs

Tomato (cherry) – 46 pts

Tomato (paste) – 49.2 lbs

Celery – 21.3 lbs

Parsley – 5 lbs

Basil  – 16.4 lbs

Beet – 3.7 lbs

Raspberry – 14.5 pts

With organic pricing based off of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association Retail Report it came to about $4300 worth of food. My goal this year will be closer to $5000.

The last tomato harvest was October 20th and we pulled about 10 pounds at that time, mainly from the Cosmonauts Volkovs (a variety I love). I’ll have more to say about what I’m growing this year in my next post.

Drip irrigation will be going in soon for the lettuce rows. The problem with overhead watering is in summer when the heat is up and fungus is prevalent, many lettuce heads can suffer from bottom rot. I’m putting in shade cloth for the lettuce too. Also, I found a clever way to put in rain gutters on the greenhouse. I’ll show that in the next round. ‘Til next time.

The back (east) end with door.

The back (east) end with door.

The north side.

The north side.

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