We Will Meet Again


Mesclun mix

Mesclun mix


Except for some beets and a little spinach, the garden is depleted and awaiting for next year. For the final tally, the harvest numbers are (prices are based on our local Price Chopper supermarket for organics):

1. Tomatoes – 140 lbs, @ $3.99/lb = $560

2. Lettuce – 182 lbs, @ $3.49/lb = $630

3. Basil – 15 lbs @ $10.0/lb = $150

4. Beans – 16 lbs @ $2.38/lb = $38

5. Garlic – 35 bulbs @ $8.00/lb = $40

6. Onions – 15 lbs @ $2.49/lb = $37

7. Potatoes – 20 lbs @ $1.99/lb = $40

Total: $1495.00. We also had other crops like spinach, beets, zucchini, mesclun, and others but they were smaller harvests and am not including them in the totals. The onions didn’t work out that well this year. I think the multi-plant blocks were an issue. The potatoes got hit by some of the Fusarium Wilt that was in the garden so the harvest was lower than expected.


The final harvest ready for the November Sonata group.

The final harvest ready for the November Sonata group.

The hoop house row covers will remain on the rows until late March or so. The lettuce, spinach, asian greens will start indoors in mid January for transplant for the 3rd week in February. I’m contemplating enlarging the hoop house to 20 wide x 28 feet long for next year and also expanding the outdoor garden area to get more out of it for the large number of people we feed. I’m drawing on napkins as we speak.

Until next year. See you in January!



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